MetaPhysical Mastermind Meet-up @ Spirit.Center
Jan 23 @ 8:00 pm – 10:00 pm

Want to Power-Up with a Spiritual Charge? 

Connect with your Tribe: Join Metaphysical Mastermind Jan. 23rd 8-10pm

Create soul-full connections to achieve your dreams.

To maximize connections: Space is limited: 

REGISTER NOW!   https://educise.com/product/metaphysical-mastermind-meet-up/

FEEL the energy! YOU perceive it: everyone is evolving together, on different paths, yet on the same journey toward awakening…

Reach beyond just healing your body, emotions or mental mind-fullness with soul power!

Brainstorm, focus, magnify your power & energy from Spirit!

Showcase your experience to build your business with spiritually oriented teammates.

Enjoy: Meditation with crystal singing bowls, lively chat with compelling questions to uncover your ideas, team exercises, support and sharing your experience, with a soul-full approach. Network your talents, meet people with your interests in spirituality, transcending the ordinary to be extraordinary!

Abundance exchange: $19. Bring your business cards and ideas to share.

Location: Educise: SpiritCenter.com, Smithtown, NY. Directions sent with confirmation email.

Sponsor: Rev. Dr. Theresa Schmidt, DD,DPT,MS,OCS,LMT,CEAS,CHy

Agenda: Group mindfulness with singing bowl toning/energy perception activity, discussion topic, (Power breakthroughs, exercises, action plans, amazing support with people who understand how to access energy to lift your person & business: body-mind-soul-emotions!) and networking social: soul-full benefits!

INFO: 877-281-3382 or E-mail: educise@gmail.com