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TOPIC: What Would You Do to Enjoy a Longer, Happier, more Meaningful Life of Health, Wealth, Significance and Connection?

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  • How Did Successful People Develop their Personal Power to Realize their Wildest Dreams despite Massive Challenges? Answer: with the help of the Ultimate Networking Connection
  • Who do you aspire to connect with when networking? Does it always involve other people and places you must reach out to for your sense of connection that will bring you business, money, health and happiness?
  • Is there room for even more prosperity, health, love, meaning, connection, , power, energy, certainty, variety, happiness, contribution and growth in your life? If so, this is all about YOU!
  • Yes, I’m talking about your Ultimate networking connection.
  • What would it mean to you to know your actions are guided for your highest good, and for the benefit of others as well?
  • Imagine if you could stare the most stressful situation in the face and instantly change your attitude about it to be even more resourceful, to move beyond the tragedies, the inconveniences life throws at you, and gain as a result?

What would you pay to learn the answer? NOTHING, IT’S FREE at our teleclass: Wednesday, September 12, 2018 at 9am

Join us for to soak up some surprising answers in my interview with the fabulous Nancy Matthews of WPN, Women’s Prosperity Network on our FREE WOW Wednesday teleclass.

Did you know that National Institute of Health has proven that people who have a spiritual practice live longer, healthier, happier lives? Find out how this can benefit YOU and your family now. Register for the teleclass at

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Rev. Dr. Theresa Schmidt is a MetaPhysical Therapist, hypnotherapist, shaman, Karuna Reiki Master Instructor, intuitive coach, interfaith minister, Doctor of physical therapy, international speaker, and best-selling author with over 30 years experience in integrative health & wellness. She presents for major medical centers across the US: Cleveland Clinic, Johns Hopkins, NASA- Inomedic Health, Wake Med, Vanderbilt University, International Fascia Research Congress and more. Her innovative workshops, sessions and retreats bring together traditional medical and holistic health approaches to maximize wellness in body-mind and spirit.

Book your tune-up with a personal energy balancing session, Reiki relaxation session, meditative shamanic journey reading or craniosacral therapy session now and feel the difference!

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