Want a power boost to your ULTIMATE NETWORKING CONNECTION for body-mind-spirit breakthroughs for abundance, health, and business success?

What would it mean to you gain resources to enrich your life and health with simple yet proven methods of practice?

Look inside, the answers are here! Join us to activate your inner Power. 

 Meet with friends live and online to learn to access your smart, intuitive side for guidance, self-healing and power now.

  Join us for the IN TO IT I’VE POWER  MasterMind Meetup! 

Upcoming dates: 10/24/18, 11/28/18, 12/26/18

1/23/19, 2/20/19, 3/27/19, 4/24/19

Time: 6:30 to 9:30pm Onsite or online



TOPIC: The National Institute of Health published research on natural healing that modern medicine still chooses to ignore. Learn what’s in it for YOU!

PRACTICE: Practical simple JOURNEY exercises to train your brain to listen, look and feel for previously unrecognized information downloads from your superconscious mind, your In To It I’ve Power™.

Got questions?   Answers are inside! Tune-up your life.  Share with others like you, who have had a sense of “non-ordinary reality”, miracles, spiritual or unusual phenomena, angel communication, or anything extraordinary or metaphysical.

  • Practice mindfulness meditation
  • Share experiences of extraordinary phenomena
  • Pose questions, get answers
  • Connect with bright, spiritual people
  • Enjoy mastering soul consciousness with In To It I’ve Power
  • Facilitator: Rev. Dr. Theresa Schmidt, DD
  • 877-281-3382, MetaPhysical Therapist, Doctor of Divinity, ULC
  • Exchange: Pre-register only $22 until 5 days prior, $33 after.

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