Special New Year Meetup to reach your goals and enjoy success in 2019!

Make this the best year of your life! 

Access your Ultimate Networking Connection! Enjoy better sleep, greater focus, tranquility, and vibrant energy for doing what you love!

Learn how to raise your energy vibration to create greater connections, clarity, focus, more refreshing sleep, ease tension, and upgrade your life for 2019!

Join us live or online for our monthy Intuitive MetaPhysical Mastermind Meetup:

Brainstorm with bright, engaging people, integrating intuitive power with the rational mind, to balance your energy for a more meaningful, healthy life of inspiration and growth. Join us to:

  • ask better questions to achieve higher goals
  • access your inner guidance easily
  • use mindfulness for clarity and focus
  • share life’s miracles and mystical experiences with others in supportive atmosphere
  • network with spiritually minded people to build your business and connections
  • have fun!

Develop your best self with inspiring experiential workshops and meetups. Boost your intuitive Power for fast results, raise your energy vibration, realize with your inner Guidance. Begin NOW with your personal Power session with Dr. Theresa, your MetaPhysical Therapist and soul coach. Call 877-281-3382.

Register now: click here: https://educise.com/product/metaphysical-mastermind-meet-up/

for our monthly Intuitive Mastermind Meetup with more FREE Top 5 Tips to energize yourself, your family, friends, and our Planet. 7:30-9pm

Register early for your discount, buy 5 receive one meetup free!*

*Registrant must attend all 5 to recieve the 6th meetup free, no refunds.

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