Seeking guidance with a special question about your: business, relationships, home, family, wellness, love, and money? What area do you want help with? Get fast and easy answers to your questions with your personal soul reading. Gain spiritual insights to meet life’s challenges with power! Schedule your intuitive guidance session with Tarot, Angel or Medicine Card readings today and connect with your spiritual power for guidance.

Rev. Theresa DD,ULC, the Spirit Whisperer, provides access to spiritual guidance for your life with Tarot, Angel, and Medicine Card readings. Access your ultimate network connection: your Higher Power, through soul coaching for your next breakthrough!

Phone or internet sessions via Zoom conferencing. Classic session. Mini, Brief, and Extended sessions available: 15, 30, 45, 60, 90 and 120 minute durations.

Order and pay for your reading, then call to schedule a convenient time by phone or on Zoom: 877-281-3382

CLICK this link to order your reading now and get answershttps://educise.com/product/intuitive-readings-tarot-angel-or-medicine-cards-session/

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