WPN Event Special Reading! Fast ‘n Easy Triple Card Session 50% off

Need some Higher Guidance for your Question, fast?

Quick results with a spiritual reading by phone or online in just minutes!

It’s easy to pose your question to tune in to an opportunity to get resources to meet life’s challenges with greater spiritual intelligence and energy.

  • Write down or simply reflect on your question, no need to share it.
  • Sit back, relax and take some gentle deep breaths to access Higher Guidance with us.
  • Learn what energies influence your question, from an informative Triple Treat Tarot, Angel or Medicine Card Reading

Limited time only for WPN members and guests: only $30 (regular price: $60) through Oct. 31st, 2018. It only takes 15 minutes to get your quick action answer from the spiritual side!

CLICK HERE TO GET YOUR READING NOW! https://educise.com/product/intro-tarot-angel-reading-only-30-for-wow-wednesday-guests/

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